Can you go underwater in Genshin impact?

Can you go underwater in Genshin impact?

Players are only able to swim across the surface of water in Genshin Impact (until their stamina is depleted). It turns out, players can use a combination of abilities to attack such underwater beacons, and ultimately earn an underwater treasure chest.

How do you get rid of water in Jueyun Karst?

Swim over to it and activate it to drain more water. Now, the Taishan Mansion domain is unlocked and accessible.

How do you unlock luhua pool?

This area requires Adventure Rank 30 to run it, but you can unlock it whenever. At the bottom, you can see a circular platform that lights up when you step on it. Activate it by standing on it if you want to get back up without having to fast travel.

How do you unlock the hidden palace of lianshan?

Unlocked At AR Level 16 You need to reach Adventure Rank Level 16 before you can access Valley Of Remembrance.

How do you unlock the hidden palace in Genshin impact?

Unlocked At AR Level 30 You need to reach Adventure Rank Level 30 before you can access Valley Of Remembrance. You can unlock it as a waypoint, but to run the trials, you need to be AR 30.

How do I unlock Guizang formula?

You’ll need Diluc, Amber, Bennett, or Xiangling to light the pillars. The pillars you have to light are the three standing in front of the tallest structures in the circle, as you can see below. After you activate these three, the rest will light up and the floor will open, giving you access to the Domain.

How do you solve the hidden palace of Zhou?

The first thing that players will need to do is track down four different unlit torches nearby. By lighting these torches with the Pyro skill, players will unlock the Geo monument which then allows it to be activated. Torch #1- The first torch will be right next to the locked Geo monument.

Where is the final ruin in Genshin impact?

The Final Ruins are located in the circular structure north of the Guili Assembly. The area can be identified by the positions of the four Jade Plates that players have to find in the first half of the quest. The Final Ruins lie in the centre of the locations of the four plates on the map.

Where are the five stone tablets in Genshin impact?

Search for the stone tablets You’ll find the first one to the west, in the ruins by Luhua Pool. It’s in the mountain pass, next to the chest guarded by a group of enemies. The other one is at the ruins in the hills south from Soraya.

Where do I collect treasure in Genshin impact?

All you need to know is that the treasure is buried underneath that giant golden tree in the middle of Lingju Pass.

Do shops in Genshin impact restock?

Wiki Targeted (Games) Some NPCs in Genshin Impact serve as shops and will sell items to players. Most shops will restock their wares every day.