Why was the Egypt game banned?

Why was the Egypt game banned?

According to the American Library Association, this was challenged in 1995 by Richardson, Texas, schools because “it shows children in dangerous situations, condones trespassing and lying to parents, and teaches children about the occult. ‘I’m not going to stop until it’s banned from the school district.

What is the setting of the Egypt game?

The book is set in California in the mid-1960s on Orchard Avenue in a large university town. The area around Orchard Avenue is residential, consisting of apartment houses, modest homes, and small shops.

How old is April in the Egypt game?


Who is the secret spy in the Egypt game?


What omen T kids go to Egypt?

What was the secret omen? The “secret omen” the children had been waiting for is a shooting star, signalling their ability to return to Egypt.

Who is Melanie in the Egypt game?

Melanie Ross lives in the apartment building that April has moved into. She, like April, is 11 years old. Marshall Ross is 4 years old and is Melanie’s younger brother.

What genre is the Egypt game?

NovelParanormal fiction

Who is the author of the Egypt game?

Zilpha Keatley Snyder

Why do April and Melanie ask Elizabeth to join the Egypt game?

She thinks that if Elizabeth can keep a secret, they can let her join the Egypt Game. As they’re looking at her, April realizes that Elizabeth looks like Nefertiti. She tells Melanie, and they decide to let Elizabeth in on the Egypt Game.

Who dies in the Egypt game?

Schmidt is the actual murderer. He worked part time in Mr. Schmidt’s store. The town believed that the professor, a curio shop owner, was the murderer.

What is the main idea of the Egypt game?

It’s obvious that what holds The Egypt Game together isn’t magic or cool altar designs—it’s the friendship that the kids share, and the way that they’re all able to express their imaginations around each other. A shared love of history and playing make-believe brings all the members of the Egypt Game together.

What is the conflict in the Egypt game?

The main conflict in the book is how April can find a new way to make her way in the world. The conflict is between her old desire to be with her mother and have everything be the way she pretended it was/wanted it to be and the new reality of living with her Grandma.

Is the Egypt game a mystery?

The Egypt Game combines all my favorite bits and pieces from these books: a secret world within our own, ingenuity and imagination, the potential of magic, adventure made possible through childhood autonomy — plus the extra, delicious thrill of a murder mystery.

When was the Egypt game published?


How did the girls get Marshall to agree to play the Egypt game?

April and Melanie get Marshall to play the Egypt Game by telling him that his part will be to play “a king…a terribly important kind of kingeverybody (has) to bow down to him and do exactly what he (says)”.

Why did April move to the Casa Rosada?

She came because she had been sent away by Dorothea, her beautiful and glamorous mother . . . April is sent by her mother to live with her paternal grandmother at the Casa Rosada. April’s “beautiful and glamorous mother”, Dorothea, is a single parent and an actress.

How old is Elizabeth in the Egypt game?


What is the climax of the Egypt game?

In The Egypt Game, the climax of the story occurs when Marshall and April are attacked by the murderer that has been plaguing the neighborhood. The Professor sees the attack, he calls out for help, and April is able to get away from the attacker. From this point forward, the story moves into the falling actions.