Who is Mansa Musa and what did he do?

Who is Mansa Musa and what did he do?

Mansa Musa (about 1280 about 1337) was an emperor (manse) of the Mali Empire during the 14th century. He became emperor in 1312. He was the first African ruler to be widely known throughout Europe and the Middle East, and is regarded as the richest person to have ever lived.

What was Mansa Musa best known for?

Mansa Musa, fourteenth century emperor of the Mali Empire, is the medieval African ruler most known to the world outside Africa. He became the first Muslim ruler in West Africa to make the nearly four thousand mile journey to Mecca. …

What did Mansa Musa create?

Mansa Musa developed cities like Timbuktu and Gao into important cultural centers. He also brought architects from the Middle East and across Africa to design new buildings for his cities. Mansa Musa turned the kingdom of Mali into a sophisticated center of learning in the Islamic world.

Where is Mansa Musa from?

Mali Empire

How much is Mansa Musa worth today?

How much is Mansa Musa worth today? With camel-loads of gold and salt, Mansa Musa’s net worth has been valued by modern-day scholars to be around $400 to $415 billion in modern money.

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This doesn’t mean that there won’t ever be a trillionaire. In fact, financial experts predict that there won’t be just one, but around 11 of them within the next 60 years. The great financial strides that Bezos has made put him in the lead as the person most likely to become the world’s first trillionaire.

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The real rich kids of UgandaNgyenzi Nunu Mugyenyi. Gloria Wavamunno. Haruna Mwanga. Alexander Akandwanaho. Liz Kakooza. Prince Jjunju. Siki Kigongo. Rajiv Ruparelia. This one needs no introduction and on this list, his name is cliché, but again a Kampala rich kids list would not be complete without a Ruparelia because, let us accept they are wealthy.

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