What words describe Thanksgiving?

What words describe Thanksgiving?

Words for ThanksgivingAmerican.abundant.ample.appreciative.autumnal.baked.bountiful.buttery.

What words can you make with space?

An unofficial list of all the Scrabble words you can make from the letters in the word space….Words that can be made with spacecapes.paces.scape.space.

What is the difference between crispy and crunchy?

As adjectives the difference between crispy and crunchy is that crispy is having a crisp texture; brittle yet tender while crunchy is likely to crunch, especially with reference to food when it is eaten. crispy (adj.) having a crisp texture; brittle yet tender.

What is crispy slang for?

clean; good looking. Bro, them boys is crispy.

What’s another word for crispy?

Similar words for crispy: breakable (adjective) crisp (adjective) crunchy (adjective) crusty (adjective)

Whats the opposite of crispy?

What are the antonyms for CRISPY? limp, sturdy, warm, firm, durable, long, happy, soft, pliant, pliable, soggy, rumpled, pleasant, temperate, lengthy, cheerful, toughened, nice, strong, flexible, elastic, tough, ruffled, resilient, unbreakable.

Are apples crispy or crunchy?

Whereas something like a nut, which you chew with your back teeth, would fall into the crunchy category (e.g., crunchy peanut butter). There are, of course, exceptions. An apple can be both. It’s crispy upon first bite and then crunchy for the remainder of that experience.

Is Crispy a real word?

According to the OED, the adjective crispy was not derived as a gratuitous extension of the adjective crisp, but rather as the adjectival form of the (now obsolete) noun crisp, denoting a curl of hair.

Is Crispy a adverb?

In a crispy manner.

What does crispy hair mean?

Stiff and brittle

What is a crispy person?

someone who is very dark, like they are burnt. like a burnt piece of toast, they are crispy.

What does you look crispy mean?

It’s a very positive slang word meaning ‘cool, hot, awesome, amazing’ and good stuff like that. Urban Dictionary: Crisp.

When a person is crunchy?

Being crunchy usually means that the person is someone who doesn’t just go with mainstream ideas and philosophies simply because everyone else does. Now that is not to say that someone who is crunchy doesn’t do mainstream things, sometimes mainstream works.

What is crisp weather?

clear, clean, and dry

How do you use Crisp in a sentence?

Crisp sentence examplesShe swallowed down a crisp reply. The crisp morning air wasn’t necessary for the purpose of waking her up. He turned a few of the crisp pages carefully. The morning air was crisp and cool. Her voice was as crisp as the morning air and twice as sharp.

What is a crisp autumn day?

When it’s cool, and the sun is bright and the day is beautiful. Usually there would be colorful leaves. Then it would be said to be a “crisp fall day”.