What word has a silent O?

What word has a silent O?

Study the word list: silent o and nyoungThe room was full of young men.youngerMy younger brother constantly annoys me. *youngestZoe is the youngest in her family. *doubleDouble click to open the document.troublePlease take the trouble to get things done well.4

How do you know which alphabet is silent?

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Why is the L silent in Almond?

A: The “l” in “almond” was silent until very recently. That’s the only pronunciation given in my old 1956 printing of the unabridged Webster’s New International Dictionary of the English Language (2d ed.). More recent standard dictionaries say we can now properly pronounce “almond” either with or without the “l” sound.

Which letter is silent in wrong?

Answers.silent ‘k’ before ‘n’kneeknucklesilent ‘w’ before ‘r’writewrongsilent ‘g’ before ‘n’gnashgnawsilent ‘p’ before ‘s’psalmpsychology