What is the word for bonus or extra point?

What is the word for bonus or extra point?

A sum of money added to a person’s wages as a reward for good performance. dividend. gratuity. perk. commission.

What is the nearest meaning of rewarded?

Past tense for to recompense or award someone in return for something done or given. paid.

What is the synonym and antonym of reward?

reinforce, observe, repay, respect, honour, abide by, pay back, honor. Antonyms: penalty. reinforce, reward(verb)

What is another word for faith?

Some common synonyms of faith are belief, credence, and credit. While all these words mean “assent to the truth of something offered for acceptance,” faith almost always implies certitude even where there is no evidence or proof.

What are surprise words?

Interjections of surprise and shock – thesaurusooh. interjection. used for showing a reaction such as surprise, excitement, or pleasure.wow. interjection. well. interjection. good/oh Lord. phrase. hey. interjection. oh. interjection. aah. interjection. say. interjection.

What to say when someone surprises you?

Ways of saying that you are surprised or shocked – thesaurusfunnily enough. phrase. you don’t say. phrase. heavens above. phrase. Well, I never (did) phrase. is that a fact? phrase. you would not believe. phrase. of all things/people/places. phrase. now I’ve seen everything/it all. phrase.

What is the synonym of happy?

cheerful, contented, overjoyed, ecstatic, elated, joyous, delighted, pleased, pleasant, lively, merry, peaceful, upbeat, joyful, glad, jubilant, thrilled, successful, apt, fortunate.

What do we call a happy person?

23 Adjectives and Idioms to Describe People Positively in English. A bubbly personality. someone who is very happy, perky, and often optimistic. A ray of sunshine. a happy person who makes others happy; to be warm, kind, bright; someone who is a delight to be around.

How do you say someone is amazing?

So, what are we supposed to say instead of “amazing?” Funny you should ask:adorable.alluring.ambrosial.astonishing.astounding.awe-inspiring.awesome.beauteous (sure, go Shakespearean for a day — why not?)