What is the synonym of pleased?

What is the synonym of pleased?

In this page you can discover 54 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for pleased, like: glad, proud of, gratified, satisfied, happy, delighted, placated, pleasured, tickled, displeased and preferred.

What is a synonym for feeling pleased?

Synonyms of ‘pleased’ He was delighted with the public response. contented. Whenever I return to this place I feel happy and contented. satisfied. our satisfied customers.

What is the synonym of ill pleased?

dissatisfaction; discontentedness; malcontentedness; displeasure; discord; disgruntlement; ill-pleasure.

What’s another word for being proud?

Some common synonyms of proud are arrogant, disdainful, haughty, insolent, lordly, overbearing, and supercilious.

What is an antonym for proud?

proud. Antonyms: deferential, humble, affable, unpresuming, meek, lowly, ashamed, unimposing, mean. Synonyms: arrogant, haughty, imperious, supercilious, presumptuous, boastful, vain glorious, vain, ostentatious, elated, self-satisfied, lofty, imposing, magnificent, self-conscious.

How do you describe proud?

1 : having great self-respect or dignity He is too proud to beg. 2 : having a feeling of pleasure or satisfaction especially with a person’s own achievements or with someone else’s achievements : very pleased They were proud of their clever child.

What is a positive word for proud?

SYNONYMS FOR proud 1 contented, self-satisfied. 2 overbearing, self-important, disdainful, imperious, presumptuous. 6 noble, imposing, splendid.

What is the verb form of proud?

Pride also acts as a verb meaning “be proud of.” You might pride yourself on being punctual, or pride yourself on always having a daring, trendsetting haircut.

How do you say feeling proud?

If you are feeling proud of someone or something at a particular instance,you could use “I’m feeling proud of you”. Or,if you feel proud of someone or something constantly say, ”I feel proud of you”. If you feel I’m incorrect,feel free to comment.

What are you proud of examples?

An example of a personal story might be an extracurricular activity, some charity work, or an academic achievement. “I’m most proud of the way I helped to organize my sorority’s annual toy drive fundraiser, making it possible for us to bring in more toys than had ever been brought in the history of the toy drive.

What is a proud moment?

2 feeling honoured or gratified by or as if by some distinction. 3 having an inordinately high opinion of oneself; arrogant or haughty. 4 characterized by or proceeding from a sense of pride. a proud moment. 5 having a proper sense of self-respect.

How do you say you are proud of you?

“You did a great job cleaning your room!”“That was hard work, but you finished the job!”“You are an amazing brother/sister!”“You’re showing great leadership (at school, on your team)!”“It makes me proud to say ‘that’s my son/daughter!’ “You must be the fastest kid on your team!”“You’re a really great reader.”

What can I say instead of I am proud of you?

Alternatives to saying “I’m proud of you”.”Wow!! I’m so impressed!””I love who you are!””You must be so proud!””I value you!””I’m proud for you””I’m so pleased for you””You look really pleased with your effort””Congratulations!”

Is Im proud of you a compliment?

I feel it is a compliment! Being proud of someone means you are happy about their accomplishment. You are glad he did what he did. It isn’t for your own benefit, rather to let him know that him graduating made you proud.

Is it weird to tell someone you’re proud of them?

Don’t worry! There really is no right or wrong way to tell someone you are proud of them as long as your heart is in the right place. When it comes down to it, telling someone you are proud of them is a matter of expressing your happiness and love for that person, their joy, and their accomplishments.

What to say when someone says proud of you?

The normal response would be, Thank you, plus maybe then, ‘I’m proud of myself too. If you are proud of the other person: I’m proud of you, too. but, I have seen people use “me to” in response to situations like “I love you”, “I am proud of you” and the like on the web.

Can you say I’m proud of you to a friend?

To be sure, “I’m really proud of you buddy” can sometimes occur between friends. But this seems less common. Usually friends say “I’m so happy for you” or “Really nice job!” but not the p-word. And family can often be proud, but as with most things family, the obligation and bias dull the effect.

What are you most proud of yourself?

12 Things We Should Always Be Proud OfA job that you love. Your sense of style. Your friends. Your family. Your ability to forgive. Your past. Your demand for some alone time. We should be proud of our traditions and values.

What is the synonym of pleased?

What is the synonym of pleased?

In this page you can discover 54 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for pleased, like: glad, satisfied, gratified, proud of, happy, delighted, displeased, pleased-with, titillated, amused and desired.

What is another word for happy and pleased?

1 joyous, joyful, blithe, cheerful, merry, contented, blissful, satisfied. 4 favorable, propitious; successful, prosperous. 6 appropriate, fitting, opportune, pertinent.

What is the synonym of investing?

Synonyms of ‘investment’ The programme needed additional financing. contribution. speculation. transaction. expenditure.

What can I use instead of very pleased?


  • delighted,
  • glad,
  • joyful,
  • joyous,
  • jubilant,
  • rejoicing,
  • tickled.
  • What is a better word than proud?

    Some common synonyms of proud are arrogant, disdainful, haughty, insolent, lordly, overbearing, and supercilious. While all these words mean “showing scorn for inferiors,” proud may suggest an assumed superiority or loftiness.

    What is another way to say I am pleased?

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    8 »i am pleased to report exp.
    4 »it is my pleasure to announce exp.
    3 »am glad to announce exp.
    3 »am pleased to announce exp.
    3 »am pleased to say exp.

    What are the synonyms for interesting?


    • arresting.
    • captivating.
    • consuming.
    • engrossing.
    • enthralling.
    • exciting.
    • fascinating.
    • gripping.

      What are the two types of investors?

      There are two types of investors, retail investors and institutional investors:

      • Retail investor.
      • Institutional investor.
      • Through government.
      • As individuals.
      • Perceptions.

        What is a word that means more than happy?

        Exuberant — This is like cheerful — but even stronger. Euphoric — When you’re intensely happy. Overjoyed — This simply means “very happy.” Elated — Somewhere between “happy” and “overjoyed.”

        How do you say I’m proud of you in other words?

        Here are 5 other ways to say I’m proud of you to your superstar:

        1. 01“Being your mom/dad is the best job I have!”
        2. 02“How did you manage to [insert task/accomplishment]?
        3. 03“I know it mustn’t have been easy, but you managed to do a great job.
        4. 04“Look at how much you’ve progressed!

        What is antonym for pleased?

        pleased(adj) experiencing or manifesting pleasure. Antonyms: nettled, sick of(p), stung, disgusted, tired of(p), pained, irritated, humble, sick(p), annoyed, steamed, peeved, fed up(p), browned off, displeased, miffed, pissed off, exasperated, roiled, riled, offended, cheesed off, pissed, frowning. Synonyms: proud of(p)

        What is a synonym for pleasure?

        pleasure, pleasance(noun) a fundamental feeling that is hard to define but that people desire to experience. “he was tingling with pleasure”. Synonyms: pleasance, delight, joy.

        What is another word for be displeased?

        Synonyms for displeased. aggrieved, discontent, discontented, disgruntled, dissatisfied, malcontent.

        What is another word for pleasantly?

        Synonyms for pleasantly. agreeably, charmingly, delectably, deliciously, delightfully, dreamily, enchantingly, enjoyably,

        What is a better word than satisfied?

        pleased, well pleased, happy, content, contented. proud, triumphant. smug, self-satisfied, pleased with oneself, complacent.

        What is a word for easily pleased?

        Adjective. Not expressing criticism or using one’s critical faculties. uncritical. undiscerning.

        Which is the closest antonym for the word pleased?

        antonyms for pleased

        • dissatisfied.
        • unhappy.

          How do you say very pleased?


          1. blissful,
          2. chuffed.
          3. [British],
          4. delighted,
          5. glad,
          6. gratified,
          7. happy,
          8. joyful,

          How do you describe satisfaction?

          Satisfaction is the act of fulfilling a need, desire, or appetite, or the feeling gained from such fulfillment. Satisfaction means you’ve had enough — in a good way. A good meal provides satisfaction of your hunger. When you graduate from school or get a good job, you have a feeling of satisfaction.

          What is a word for not easily pleased?

          If someone can’t be satisfied, she is insatiable. After being lost in the woods eating only berries for a few days, you’ll find your hunger is insatiable once you finally get to the table.

          What is the synonym of delighted?

          Synonyms for delighted. agreed (with), contented, feasted, gassed.

          What is the synonym of ill pleased?

          dissatisfaction; discontentedness; malcontentedness; displeasure; discord; disgruntlement; ill-pleasure.

          Can you say very pleased?

          Most people think that saying “very pleased”—in direct violation of 19th-century grammarian George Marsh’s explicit instructions—is just fine. In the middle of the 19th century, some grammarians suddenly decided that the word very had a bit too much freedom, and should be more restricted in its use.

          Does pleased mean happy?

          When used as adjectives, happy means having a feeling arising from a consciousness of well-being or of enjoyment, whereas pleased means happy, content. Happy is also verb with the meaning: often followed by : to become happy.