What is the name of a small round green vegetable?

What is the name of a small round green vegetable?

small, round, green vegetableSmall, round, green vegetablePEASmall, round green vegetables (4)PEAS39

What are small round vegetables?

small, round vegetableSmall, round vegetablePEASmall round vegetablesPEAS39

Which letter is a kind of vegetable?

The letter ‘P’ denotes the vegetable pea. Explanation: The method of using a single letter or a group of letters are used or pronounced to represent a word or a letteral word is called as gramogram.

How many vegetables are there?

[Click on map to enlarge] A total of 1,097 vegetable species are cultivated worldwide, including species used for leaves (n = 495), multiple vegetative parts (n = 227), roots (n = 204), fruits or seeds (n = 90), and other parts like flowers, inflorescences, and stems (n = 81).

What food or drink starts with the letter Q?

11 Drinks That Start With QQuaalude. This yummy cocktail is sweet and just a bit creamy. Quagmyre. Looking for something a little sweet and a little boozy? Quaker’s Cocktail. A fruity martini-style drink, you’ll love the sweet tart flavors in the Quaker’s cocktail. Quantum Theory. Quarter Deck. Queen Elizabeth. Queen Mum. Queen Soda.

What food starts with letter R?

Contents hide1.1 1. Radish.1.2 2. Raisins.1.3 3. Raspberries.1.4 4. Ratatouille.1.5 5. Ravioli.1.6 6. Red Cabbage.1.7 7. Redcurrant.1.8 8. Relish.