What is the butterfly in Wordscapes?

What is the butterfly in Wordscapes?

These butterflies gives the players a challenge, figuring out which words they need to work on first for getting the highest benefits This needs one to develop their quick-thinking skills, as well as use their powers of deduction well.

Is Wordscapes good for brain?

And they can help players improve coordination and visual skills. Playing games such as puzzle games, word search, crosswords, mix and matching, scrabble, etc. Wordscapes is a brain challenging fun game which is made with the combination of word search and crosswords.

What is the highest level of Wordscapes?


How do I get rid of ads in Wordscapes?

The core features of Wordscapes are completely free to play and any purchase is optional. For a small fee, you can purchase ad removal which removes all ads from our advertisers, including the banner ads at the bottom of the screen. Ad removal is a one-time permanent purchase!

How do you block ads on game apps?

You can block ads from appearing in apps and games, or only on browsers….Using Adblock PlusGo to Settings > Applications (or Security on 4.0 and above) on your Android device.Navigate to the Unknown sources option.If unchecked, tap the checkbox, and then tap OK on the confirmation popup.