What is the adverb for Aqua?

What is the adverb for Aqua?

In an aquacultural manner; with regard to, or by means of, aquaculture.

Is Aqua Greek or Latin?

They hail from Greek (hydro) and Latin (aqua) and mean water.

What does Aqua mean in English?

1 plural aquae\ ˈä-​ˌkwī also ˈa-​(ˌ)kwē \ : water especially : water sense 5a(2) 2 plural aquas : a light greenish-blue color.

What is the root word for Aqua?

The root word-Aqua comes from Latin –Aqua, Aqui or Aque that means ‘water’. For instance, the word Aquifers means the underground layer of rock that yields underground water because: Aqui: Water.

What is another word for Aqua?

In this page you can discover 12 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for aqua, like: teal, cobalt-blue, nile-blue, prussian-blue, turquoise, greenish blue, aquamarine, peacock-blue, cleanse-x99, aquamedic and null.

What does Biblio mean in Greek?

a combining form occurring in loanwords from Greek (bibliography); on this model, used in the formation of compound words with the meaning “book” (bibliophile), and sometimes with the meaning “Bible” (bibliolatry, on the model of idolatry).

Is Auto a root word?

The Greek prefix auto- means “self.” Good examples using the prefix auto- include automotive and autopilot. An easy way to remember that the prefix auto- means “self” is through the word autobiography, or the history of a person which is written by that person her”self.”

Is Tele Greek or Latin?

tele-, 1 prefix. tele- comes from Greek, where it has the meaning “far. ” It is attached to roots and sometimes words and means “reaching over a distance, carried out between two remote points, performed or operating through electronic transmissions”:telegraph;telekinesis;teletypewriter.

Which root means far?


What’s the opposite of auto?

What is the opposite of automatic?consciousdeliberatepurposefulpurposedwillfulstudiedmeditatedknowingwantonwilling26

What is a 2 word phrase?

Two-word phrases are phrases that are made up of two words, such as “bye bye” or “night night”. Eight common types of phrases are: noun, verb, gerund, infinitive, appositive, participial, prepositional, and absolute.