What is General zaroff from the most dangerous game?

What is General zaroff from the most dangerous game?

General Zaroff is an extremely wealthy Russian aristocrat who inhabits Ship-Trap Island with his servant, Ivan, and hunts other men, who are, in his words, the most dangerous game because of their capacity for reasoning.

How is general zaroff arrogant?

Answer and Explanation: Zaroff is arrogant because he believes that he is the best hunter. The normal sport of hunting wild animals wasn’t good enough for him.

What are Rainsford’s last words to zaroff in the most dangerous game?

“I congratulate you,” he said. “You have won the game.” Rainsford did not smile.

Did Rainsford kill Ivan?

At daybreak, Rainsford hears the baying of the hounds and spots Zaroff and Ivan with a small pack of hunting dogs in the distance. Rainsford fashions another trap by tying his knife to a sapling. The trap kills Ivan, but the hounds push on, cornering Rainsford at the edge of a cliff.

What kind of character is general zaroff?

General Zaroff is initially depicted as a civilized, aristocratic man, who appreciates literature and has a refined pallet. Despite his affinity for reading philosophical literature from Marcus Aurelius, General Zaroff is a maniacal murder, who finds pleasure in hunting humans on his secluded island.

What’s the theme of most dangerous game?


Why does Rainsford say I still a beast at bay?

He refers to himself as a “beast at bay” because he is unable to retreat and forced to face danger. “Bay” is a reference to the baying or barking of dogs used in hunting. In Rainsford’s case, he has chosen to face Zaroff a final time in the hope that he can eliminate his foe.