What is a word for supernatural?

What is a word for supernatural?

adjective. 1’supernatural powers’ SYNONYMS. paranormal, psychic, magic, magical, occult, mystic, mystical, miraculous, superhuman, supernormal, hypernormal, extramundane. inexplicable, uncanny, unaccountable, unbelievable, non-rational, weird, mysterious, arcane.

How many words can you make from communication?

Words that can be made with communicate An unofficial list of all the Scrabble words you can make from the letters in the word communicate. Anagrams and words you can make with an additional letter, just using the letters in communicate! 384 words can be made from the letters in the word communicate.

What is another term for communication?


How do you describe someone who is good at communication?

To be communicative is to have the ability to communicate — to exchange thoughts and ideas. It’s easy to see the verb communicate in the adjective communicative: a communicative person is one who can communicate easily. Being communicative is one of the qualities we most value in other people.

What is another word for communication skills?

What is another word for communication skills?people skillsinterpersonal skillssocial skillssoft skills

What are excellent communication skills?

Having good communication skills in the workplace is all about being able to convey information to people clearly and simply, in a way that means things are understood and get done. It’s about transmitting and receiving messages clearly, and being able to read your audience.

What can I say instead of highly motivated?

highly-motivated / synonymswell-motivated.very motivated.substantiated.reasoned.reason. n.prompted.motivation. n.motivated.

What’s a word for motivated?

In this page you can discover 41 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for motivation, like: encouragement, inspiration, fillip, impetus, driving force, stimulation, incentive, impulse, ground, incitement and stimulus.

What word can I use instead of passionate?

What is another word for passionate about?preoccupiedconcernedengagedpassionaterivetedfanaticallostkeenfocusedUShooked122

What drives you to succeed answer?

learning new things. coming up with creative ideas to improve something, or make something new. analysing complex data in order to draw clear and simple conclusions. working well as part of a team.

What drives you in your life?

The final factor that motivates most people in life is passion. When you are so passionate about something, you will think about it all the time. You will be willing to wake up early and sacrifice your sleep for it. This is why passion is important because it can drive you each day to achieve what you want in life.

What are 3 negative qualities about yourself?

What Are Your Negative Qualities?Tardiness.Short temper.Lack of organization.Perfectionism.Stubbornness.Messiness.Poor time management.Bossiness.

What is my biggest strength?

Some examples of strengths you might mention include:Creativity.Discipline.Patience.Respectfulness.Determination.Dedication.Honesty.Versatility.