What is a animal that starts with t?

What is a animal that starts with t?


What are some animals that start with S?

Alphabetical list of animals that start with SSabre-Toothed Tiger (extinct)Salamander.Salmon.Sambar.Sawfish.Scorpion.Sea Cucumber.Sea Lion.

What countries start with an N?

NNamibia.Nassau*Nauru.Nepal.Netherlands, The.New Zealand.Nicaragua.Niger.

What are counties called in England?

England is divided into 48 ceremonial counties, which are also known as geographic counties. Many of these counties have their basis in the 39 historic counties whose origins lie in antiquity, although some were established as recently as 1974.

What are the 3 largest counties in England?

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopediaRankCountyArea1Yorkshire3,669,510 acres (14,850.0 km2)2Lincolnshire1,663,850 acres (6,733.4 km2)3Devon1,636,450 acres (6,622.5 km2)4Norfolk1,292,300 acres (5,230 km2)36

Which is the oldest county in England?


What are the 48 counties in England?

48 English countiesBedfordshire. County of Bedfordshire Tourism Website. Berkshire. County of Berkshire Tourism Website. City of Bristol. City of Bristol Tourism Website. Buckinghamshire. County of Buckinghamshire Tourism Website. Cambridgeshire. County of Cambridgeshire Tourism Website. Cheshire. City of London. Cornwall.

Which is the largest UK County?

North Yorkshire

What is the smallest county in England?