What happened in chapter 6 of The Westing Game?

What happened in chapter 6 of The Westing Game?

The will, composed by Westing, declares that he has gathered his sixteen nieces and nephews togetherGrace stands up and explodes in surprise, at which point Plum reads a directive from the will: Sit down, Grace Windsor Wexler! Tomorrow, the document states, Westing’s ashes will be scattered to the four winds.

What happens in Chapter 15 of The Westing Game?

Everything is back to normal on Friday: Theo, Doug, and Turtle are back in school, the coffee shop is full of diners, and Shin Hoo’s restaurant is empty. Flora picks up Turtle from school with a report from the broker’s office; they’ve lost $3,000 in five days.

What are the clues in The Westing Game?

Partners & CluesGrace Wexler & James Hoo. FRUITED PURPLE WAVES FOR SEA.Turtle Wexler & Flora Baumbach. SEA MOUNTAIN AM O.HIS N ON TO THEE FOR. Jake Wexler & Madame Hoo. Berthe Crow & Otis Amber. THY BEAUTIFUL WITH MAJESTIES. Chris Theodorakis & Denton Deere. FOR PLAIN GRAIN SHED.Sandy McSouthers & J. J. Foord.

Who did Violet Westing marry?

In the novel, George Theodorakis reveals that he and Violet Westing were once childhood sweethearts. They were in love and planned to marry, but Violet’s mother was against the relationship. She wanted Violet to marry someone important and arranged for Violet to marry a politician instead of George.

Who is Grace Wexler’s partner?

Westing Game charactersABGrace Wexler is partners withJames Shin HooTheo Theodorakis is partners withDoug HooTurtle Wexler is partners withFlora BaumbachJ.J. Ford is partners withSandy McSouthers26