What does the word Salaam mean?

What does the word Salaam mean?

noun. a salutation meaning peace, used especially in Islamic countries.

What is the message of Ender’s Game?

Compassion is the redeeming feature in Ender’s Game. Compassion is the theme that runs through Ender’s life. It is the defining feature of his existence. The reason that he plays the games so well is his ability to understand the enemy and to inspire loyalty.

Why does Alai kiss ender?

Alai, Ender’s first friend at Battle School, sends him in to his first battle with a kiss, which Ender guessed was somehow forbidden. The kiss was accompanied by the word Salaam, which is Arabic for peace and which is commonly used with brief kisses between men sharing the greeting, so the kiss may have meant …

What happens in Chapter 7 of Ender’s Game?

Ender turns seven. Since he cannot practice with Bonzo’s army, during free play Ender takes those who are willing from his launch group into the battleroom to practice. Bonzo does not like this and tells him to stop. Bonzo is further enraged, trades Ender to Rat Army, and slaps and punches Ender for his disobedience.

Why are adults the real enemies in Ender’s Game?

The adults are the enemy because they are the puppet masters that are tricking, controlling, and manipulating a bunch of children.

Why does Bonzo hit Ender in his face?

After the battle, Bonzo announces Ender has been traded to Rat Army. He also strikes Ender in the face for being disobedient. Ender hears the other soldiers reacting, and he knows Bonzo has weakened his position as leader. Ender signs up for a personal combat class so he is prepared if anyone hits him again.

How old is ender when he killed the buggers?

six years

Why is Petra Arkanian the wrong friend?

Why is Petra the wrong kind of friend to have? What valuable skill does she eventually teach Ender? Because she is an outcast. She teaches Ender how to aim.

Why is Ender’s foot first attack so effective?

Who becomes Ender’s first friend? Why is Ender’s feet-first attack position so effective in battle? Smaller target and you can use your feet as a sheild. Know which characters appear in the dialogue at the beginning of all most every chapter in the novel.

What surprising information does Dink Meeker relay to Ender?

What surprising information does Dink Meeker relay to Ender? Dink tells Ender that he believes the IF is lying about the buggers just so they can stay in power.

Where is Petra Arkanian from?

Petra Arkanian is an Armenian student who is the only female in the jeesh.

Why must Ender’s parents let him go?

Why must Ender’s parents let him go? Ender is a third, he is the government’s property. Ender’s parents are ambiguous because he is still their son and they still love him. Describe Valentine.

What lessons does Ender learn from Bonzo Madrid about being a commander?

From watching Bonzo Madrid, Ender learns both from what Bonzo lacks and what he does well. Bonzo’s skill is in organization and discipline. When he becomes a commander, Ender incorporates an emphasis on order and hierarchy into his system with Dragon Army.

What is Peter’s greatest gift?

Now if you mean a gift like gifting – a personality strength – then you could answer that Peter’s best gift is the art of genius manipulation. He is gifted in figuring out what others fear most – and using it against them (I believe this is in Chapter 9).

Why does Ender suddenly become homesick?

Ender realized he could have tied up the match if Bonzo had let him shoot. 8. Why does Ender become suddenly homesick? He realizes birthdays are not celebrated.

How has Ender gained the respect?

How has Ender gained the respect of everyone at Battle School? By watching the camaraderie of old friends. By training launchies better than anyone else. She thinks he’s there because of her nets activity, but he’s there to ask her about Ender.

How Valentine celebrates Ender’s birthday?

Valentine is celebrating Ender’s eighth birthday in the woods near their new house in North Carolina. Only Valentine seems to remember Ender. As for Peter, the natural setting has only somewhat calmed his violence; Valentine saw a skinned squirrel (Peter’s terrible work) one day.

Why does Ender want to go to the buggers world?

Ender decides to go, but tells her that the reason is to try to repay the buggers by learning about their past. The colony travels to the new world and settles down. The people begin to live new lives there, and they are not concerned with what is happening back on Earth.

How do buggers communicate?

In the book “Enders Game” how do the buggers communicate, and how can their mode of communication be used to help us communicate better as humans? They communicate through fictional particles called philotes. These allow faster than light communication, and as such will never happen in this world.

Why does Ender want Peter to love him?

He learns his enemies so well that he almost loves them, and then he destroys them. Ender does not want to destroy. Valentine thinks he means that he will never be able to beat Peter, but she does not understand that he only wants Peter to love him. Valentine appeals to Ender, for her sake, to go save mankind.