What does Miasmatic mean?

What does Miasmatic mean?

Medical Definition of miasma : a vaporous exhalation (as of a marshy region or of putrescent matter) formerly believed to cause disease (as malaria) Other Words from miasma. miasmal \\ -ml \\ adjective. miasmatic \\ m-z-mat-ik \\ adjective.

What was miasma and how did it cause disease?

In miasma theory, it was believed that diseases were caused by the presence in the air of a miasma, a poisonous vapour in which were suspended particles of decaying matter that was characterised by its foul smell. The theory originated in the Middle Ages and endured for several centuries.

What is psora Miasm?

Abstract. Hahnemann observed that the non-venereal chronic diseases originate from a diseased condition or disposition to disease transferring from generation to generation for thousands of years. He named the diseased condition as Psora behaving as the fostering soil for almost all possible disease.

Why was the miasma theory so popular?

Supporters of the miasma theory felt that cholera was one such condition caused by noxious odors of decayed matter. The miasma theory was very appealing to English sanitary reformers. It explain why diseases were epidemic in the undrained, filthy and stinking areas inhabited by the poor.

Who proved the miasma theory wrong?

By 1866, eight years after the death of John Snow, William Farr publicly acknowledged that the miasma theory on the transmission of cholera was wrong, by his statistical justification on the death rate.

Who made miasma theory?

William Farr

How was miasma with God?

Miasma is a god-sent disease that is caused by a murder that has not been atoned for (with proper purification rituals). A miasma can fall upon an entire city when one man in that city is guilty of a murder and has not atoned for it.

Is cholera still around today?

Cholera causes severe diarrhea and dehydration. Left untreated, cholera can be fatal within hours, even in previously healthy people. Modern sewage and water treatment have virtually eliminated cholera in industrialized countries. But cholera still exists in Africa, Southeast Asia and Haiti.

What is the opposite of miasma?

Opposite of an unpleasant or unhealthy smell or vapour. perfume. sweetness.

What is the synonym for poison?

In this page you can discover 94 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for poison, like: toxin, toxic, bane, germ, toxine, cause violent illness, infection, injure, vitiate, envenom and make ill.

How do you use miasma in a sentence?

Miasma in a Sentence 🔉When Tyrone walked through the door, a miasma of alcohol accompanied him, causing his family to gag. A miasma of smog hung low in the sky, polluting the atmosphere considerably. Upon losing the elections, a miasma of despair enveloped the assembled, because they had all rooted for Molly.

How do you use pestilence in a sentence?

Pestilence sentence examplesThe pestilence was fearfully severe. A plague smote the city, and when it was removed to Ekron, pestilence followed in its wake. The nature of this pestilence has been a matter of much controversy, and some have doubted its being truly the plague.

How do you use gregarious in a sentence?

Gregarious sentence examplesDolphins are gregarious, and large herds often follow ships. Parrots are gregarious and usually feed and roost in companies, but are at least temporarily monogamous. The sal grows to a large size, and is more gregarious than the teak. This insect is gregarious and nocturnal.

How do you use sojourn in a sentence?

Sojourn in a Sentence 🔉As a teacher, I am looking forward to my sojourn at the beach during spring break. My husband’s perfect idea of a sojourn is a two-nights stay at a secluded cabin in front of a stream overflowing with fish.

What does sojourn mean in English?

A sojourn is a short stay in a place that is not your home. [literary] Synonyms: stay, visit, stop, rest More Synonyms of sojourn. More Synonyms of sojourn.

What does sojourn mean as it is used?

Sojourn is a delightful word that, in its noun form, describes a short stay in a place that is different from your usual milieu. The word can also be used as a verb to describe the act of staying somewhere for a short period.

What does sojourn mean in the Bible?

This Hebrew term and its translation convey the basic idea that a person (or group) is residing, either temporarily or permanently, in a community and place that is not primarily their own and is dependent on the “good-will” of that community for their continued existence.

What is sojourned and tarried?

verb (used without object), tar·ried, tar·ry·ing. to remain or stay, as in a place; sojourn: He tarried in Baltimore on his way to Washington. to delay or be tardy in acting, starting, coming, etc.; linger or loiter.

What is the meaning of Craven?

lacking the least bit of courage