What do you call a small whirlpool?

What do you call a small whirlpool?

Small whirlpools form when a bath or a sink is draining. More powerful ones in seas or oceans may be termed maelstroms. Vortex is the proper term for a whirlpool that has a downdraft. In narrow ocean straits with fast flowing water, whirlpools are often caused by tides.

Whats a four letter word for away from the wind?


Do you away with 5 letters?

do away with (5)EXTERMINATEDo away withDISABUSEDo away with155

What’s another word for annoy?

Some common synonyms of annoy are harass, harry, pester, plague, tease, and worry. While all these words mean “to disturb or irritate by persistent acts,” annoy implies disturbing one’s composure or peace of mind by intrusion, interference, or petty attacks.

What is the word annoy mean?

transitive verb. 1 : to disturb or irritate especially by repeated acts annoyed the neighbors with their loud arguments. 2 : to harass especially by quick brief attacks.

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What do you call an annoying person?

If they are annoying in a general way, they may be a “loudmouth” (self-evident), a “nerd” (annoying in that slow-to-develop socially way), or even a “busybody” (in this case, more in the personally nosy way than in the gossipy way). In general, all of these people are “nuisances”.

What is an antonym for annoying?

the act of troubling or annoying someone. Antonyms: agreeable.

What’s a nice way to say annoying?

What is another word for annoying?irritatingbothersomeagitatingdisagreeabledispleasingdisturbingharassingteasingtedioustroublesome220

What is a good word for annoying?

annoyingirritating, infuriating, exasperating, maddening, trying, tiresome, troublesome, bothersome, irksome, vexing, vexatious, galling, provoking, displeasing.awkward, difficult, inconvenient.informal aggravating, pesky, cussed, confounded, infernal, pestiferous, plaguy, pestilent, punchable.

What does exasperating mean in English?

: causing strong feelings of irritation or annoyance an exasperating delay After the most frustrating, aggravating and exasperating two days of his career …—

What does dilapidated mean?

: decayed, deteriorated, or fallen into partial ruin especially through neglect or misuse a dilapidated old house.

Can a person be exasperating?

The verb exasperate comes from the Latin word exasperatus, which means “to roughen,” “irritate,” or “provoke.” To exasperate is to make something that is already bad even worse, like when sitting in traffic that is sure to make you late, you exasperate the person who is driving by bringing up an unpleasant topic, or …

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What is an emotional vocabulary?

An emotional vocabulary is the collection of words your child uses to express their feelings and reactions to events. Even before they learned to talk, your child was beginning to build an emotional vocabulary.