What are words that end in tion called?

What are words that end in tion called?

Words ending in “-tion” addition; duration; nation; solution; ambition; edition; caution; position. If the noun is related to a word ending in -ate, then the ending will be -ation, e.g. donation (from donate) or vacation (from vacate).

How do you spell the word tion?

There are three ways of spelling the /shn/ sound:The most common way is tion.When a word describes an occupation it is often spelled cian. This usually happens when the root word ends in ic, for example: music > musician. After l, r and s, use sion. After the letter n, some words have tion and some have sion.

What that meant?

1. Meant is the past tense and past participle of mean. 2. adjective [v-link ADJ to-inf] You use meant to to say that something or someone was intended to be or do a particular thing, especially when they have failed to be or do it.

How do you use mean and mean?

1 AnswerYes, means is always singular when it’s used to mean “a (single) method” or “a (single) way of doing something”. No, you can’t use means as the singular mean when you mean “a method or a way”; it’s always means and yet you use a singular verb with it just like the Cambridge dictionary says.