What are words that end in able called?

What are words that end in able called?

likeable; peaceable; debatable; pleasurable; adaptable; inimitable; capable; adorable; desirable; justifiable; preferable; disposable; knowledgeable; amiable; durable; laughable; fashionable; reliable; excitable; lovable; believable; excusable; manageable; serviceable; measurable; sizeable; noticeable; suitable; …

What words end in Al?

15-letter words that end in alinconsequential.multifunctional.musculoskeletal.uncontroversial.nonprofessional.preprofessional.interprovincial.counterproposal.

What are some al words?

Study the word list: AL wordshospitalHe went to hospital so they could mend his wound.metalThe metal began to corrode.medalSara won the silver medal.practicalfatal14

What does Al at the end of a word mean?

-al 1. a suffix with the general sense “of the kind of, pertaining to, having the form or character of” that named by the stem, occurring in loanwords from Latin (autumnal; natural; pastoral), and productive in English on the Latin model, usually with bases of Latin origin (accidental; seasonal; tribal).

What does AL stand for?

AcronymDefinitionALAlabama (US postal abbreviation)ALArab LeagueALAmerican League (baseball)ALAction Level (OSHA)87

Is Al an English word?

Al-, Arabic definite article, meaning “the.” It often prefixes Arabic proper nouns, especially place-names; an example is Al-Jazīrah (Arabic: “The Island”), the name of an interfluvial region in Sudan.

What is the difference between Al and a la?

1 Answer. You use “al” (a contraction of a + el) when you are taking about a masculine noun and “a la” when you are talking about a feminine noun.

What is the difference between Del and de la?

Both “del” and “de la” mean “of the”- if it is before a masculine noun it is “del” and if before a feminine noun it is “de la” – the exception being that before a feminine word that begins with a stressed “a” sound it becomes “del”. There are also “de los” and “de las” for nouns that are in the plural.

Is Casa masculine or feminine?

If it ends in an O it is masculine. If it ends in an A it is feminine. E.g. Mundo (world), Trabajo (job), Perro (dog) are all masculine, and Casa (house), Palabra (word), Hora (hour) are all feminine. We use the article El for a masculine noun, and La for a feminine noun.

Is Cancion male or female?

“canción” es femenino* (“canción” is a feminine noun)

Is estudiante male or female?

Yes, you can. La estudiante does mean the female student and el estudiante means the male student.

Is Casa plural or singular?

The plural form of casa is casas.

What is the plural of el mapa?

mapa , m – Landkarte. Masculino, Singular. el mapa. Masculino, Plural. los mapas.