What are word that start with M?

What are word that start with M?

16-letter words that start with mmicroelectronics.misunderstanding.multidimensional.miscommunication.multimillionaire.microcrystalline.microenvironment.multidirectional.

What’s an adjective that starts with M?

Adjectives That Start with MMacabre: Ghastly, gruesome or horryifing. Machiavellian: Characterized by craftiness and duplicity. Magnanimous: Big-hearted and generous, moral. Maladapted: Not properly adapted to, poorly suited. Malefic: Evil, malicious. Malleable: Capable of being changed or molded, adaptable.

Is maroon an insult?

“If you look at how the word ‘maroon’ came about, you would recognise that it was a derogatory term which described the slaves who leave the plantation and did not return. According to him, maroons and their descendants did not belong to any plantation.

How do you use tarry in a sentence?

1) Tarry awhile at this charming country inn. 2) He’ll tarry in the town for a few days. 3) The tourists will tarry at an inn. 4) tarry stones from the garage roof.

What is a tarry service?

Tarry service: to wait; religious service in which members of the congregation wait for God to speak, or to inspire them. Testimony: a public statement of faith or of religious experience.

What part of speech is tarry?

tarry 1part of speech:intransitive verbdefinition 1:to delay or postpone starting or acting; linger. If you tarry much longer, you won’t finish in time. synonyms: delay, linger, loiter, pause, procrastinate antonyms: hurry similar words: dawdle, defer, dilly-dally, hesitate, lag, shilly-shally, stall5