What are positive adjectives called?

What are positive adjectives called?

Positive adjectives describe people, places, and things in a positive way. Using these noun modifiers, you can express emotions such as satisfaction, love, amusement, hope, and more. Here are a few examples of sentences that use good emotional words: Steve is happy today.

What is the verb of good?

good. (intransitive, now chiefly dialectal) To thrive; fatten; prosper; improve. (transitive, now chiefly dialectal) To make good; turn to good; improve.

What is the noun of good?

good (noun) good (adverb) good–for–nothing (adjective) good–hearted (adjective)

What type of word is unusual?

adjective. not usual, common, or ordinary; uncommon in amount or degree; exceptional: an unusual sound; an unusual hobby; an unusual response.

What is a sentence for unusual?

Unusual sentence examples. It was unusual having nothing to do. Well, that’s an unusual name. Talking with Fritz was better than nothing, but this young man had an unusual way of thinking.

What is the sentence of politely?

Examples of politely. They just looked at him and politely asked how he was doing. They gave her their hearty thanks and politely invited her to go home. Of course, they were sensible people and politely declined.5 days ago

How do you use usually in a sentence?

Usually sentence examplesHis usually calm face showed excitement. I’m usually quite tired the next day. Generally speaking, if something sounded too good to be true, it usually was. In my dreams I’m usually in trouble. You usually lie like a bragging fisherman, so I stopped asking. They don’t usually do that.

How do you use specific in a sentence?

Specific sentence examplesDid something specific happen at the last place? It’s easy to identify specific crimes and follow them up. She dropped Jonathan off and told him to meet her at a specific time and place. We never had much luck going back to a specific time that long ago.