What are names of flowers?

What are names of flowers?

List of scientific flower namesRose – rosa.Lily – lilium.Tulip – tulipa.Orchid – phalaenopsis.Carnation – dianthus.Hyacinth – hyacinthus.Peruvian Lily – alstroemeria.Chrysanthemum – chrysanthemum.

What flower starts with the letter Z?

Flowers that start with letter ZZantedeschia Calla Lily; Arum Lily.Zephyranthes Rain Lily; Fairy Lily.Zinnia Zinnia.Zygopetalum Zygo.

What flowers start with the letter P?

9 Flowers That Start With Letter ‘P’ (Pictures + Care Guide)Peruvian Lily.Phlox.Primrose.Pansy.Petunia.Passionflower.Peony.Pineapple Lily.

What is the longest flower name?

Rafflesia arnoldii.

What is the flower of hope?

The iris (Iris xiphium) symbolizes hope, cherished friendship and valor and is the inspiration for the fleur-de-lis.

What flower means unconditional love?


What flower means happiness?


What animal represents happiness?

Dragonfly symbol

Which flower means death?


What flowers mean friendship?

The alstroemeria is the flower most representative of friendship, so you will find it in many friendship bouquets. This flower also symbolizes good fortune and prosperity, so it offers double meaning. Yellow roses are symbolic of friendship and happiness.

What color of flower means friendship?


Which flower symbolizes healing?

Lavender flower

Which flower represents new beginnings?

daffodil flower

What flowers mean good health?

Flowers that symbolize HealthAchillea Yarrow.Anthurium Flamingo Flower; Laceleaf.Bergenia Elephants Ears; Winter Glow; Pigsqueak.Digitalis Foxglove.Echinacea Coneflower.Hypoxis Star Grass.Hyssopus Hyssop.Malva Mallow.