How many words can be made out of the word Christmas?

How many words can be made out of the word Christmas?


What has no life but can still die?

1. What is the answer to I Have No Life But I Can Die? Battery.

What has a ring but no finger?

What has a ring but no finger? A telephone or alarm.

What has a face but no body?

Explanation : A Dice has 6 faces, since it is a cuboid. It does not have a body. The numbers on each face sums up to 21 and are referred as eyes but you cannot see through them.

What gets bigger every time you take away from it?

The answer to this riddle is just one word. The correct answer is ‘HOLE’. A hole in any kind of substance, may it be cloth, wall, wood or anything else, will only get bigger and bigger if you keep taking away more from it.

What is the answer to the its 7am riddle?

The “Giraffe Riddle” on Facebook has returned, but it won’t be called that any longer since the punishment for getting it wrong is different. Still, the correct answer is all based on how you read or interpret the riddle in the first place. Oh, and the actual answer is that you open your eyes first. Your eyes.

What is the answer to the riddle What will you open first?

Well, as the riddle states, you are asleep. So the first thing you open is YOUR EYES! :::EDIT:::After further asking people that got it wrong/right, it seems there is an added trick to this. Some riddles are adding in “PM me for the answer”, therefore making the “first thing that you open”, your messenger app.

What is the first thing you know riddle?

The first thing you open before you get out of bed and answer the door…are your EYES!” Others (including us) would say the answer is “the door.” One commenter said, “I answered, ‘The door’ due to the fact that in the riddle it says that you woke up meaning that your eye’s were already open.