How do you silence two on Words With Friends?

How do you silence two on Words With Friends?

Here’s how.Web: Click ” Sound” button on the top right corner.Mobile/Tablet: Tap on your Profile.Tap Settings.Turn the sound On/Off.

How do I unblock Words With Friends?

If they are still on your leaderboard list on the main screen you can tap on their name in the list and then scroll down and there will be an unblock. They can do the same from their side or tap on your chum and unblock once you have another game with them.

What is a chum in Words With Friends?

To be an intimate friend. To display goodnatured friendliness: chummed around with the other teammates. To share the same room, as in a dormitory. To fish with such bait. A chum salmon.

Can you delete friends on Words With Friends?

A blocked player will not receive a notice and you will not receive any chats from them and they will not be able to start a game with you via username. You can also delete the player from your leaderboard list by touching their photo on the leader board and them scrolling down and then touching remove.

What is the highest level on Words With Friends?

You accumulate points to get to a higher level on the site. Each level is harder to earn than the one before; getting from level 1 to level 2 takes 50 points, but getting from level 64 to level points. There are currently no levels higher than 75, and no current plans to raise the level cap.