How do you say thank you in Congolese?

How do you say thank you in Congolese?

Likewise, how do you say thank you in Congolese? Thank you means melesi in Lingala. Lingala is an african / buntu language spoken in The Democratic Republic of Congo, Congo Brazzaville and Angola.

How do you say goodbye in Lingala?

The most important words in Lingala:Hello! Mbote!Hello! ( sg/pl) Mbote!/ Sango nini!Good evening! ( sg/pl) Mbote!Good night! ( sg/pl) Butu elamu!Bye! ( infml) Tikala malamu!Good bye! (fml.) Tokomonana!yes. ee.

What is I love you in Lingala?

Bolingo na ngai is probably the one phrase you pick out the most from Congolese songs. Bolingo means love.

What does Kitoko makasi mean?


What does Zoba mean in Lingala?

idiot, silly, stupid

What does Kitoko mean in Lingala?

kitoko: LINGALA > ENGLISH. kitoko adj divine kitoko adj handsome kitoko adj nice kitoko nom beauty kitoko adj ostentatious kitoko divine kitoko handsome kitoko beauty kitoko nice kitoko ostentatious.

How do you say sorry in Lingala?

More videos on YouTube The word sorry means bolimbisi in Lingala.

How do you say my love in Lingala?

My love means bolingo na ngai in Lingala.

What does Motema mean?

Noun. motéma 3 (plural mitéma) heart. character, personality. courage.

What does libala mean in Lingala?


How do you say my name is in Lingala?

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How do you say please in Lingala?

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How do Congolese greet each other?

Head shakes instead of hand shakes When two men meet in Congo they can great each other by simply rubbing their heads against each other side by side. This form of greeting is only performed by men of a certain ethnic group. It is also forbidden for women to greet this way.

Do they speak English in the Congo?

The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a multilingual country where an estimated total of 242 languages are spoken. The official language is French. Four indigenous languages have the status of national language: Kituba (called “Kikongo”), Lingala, Swahili and Tshiluba.

Is Congo a safe country?

The safest and most touristed areas of the country are Goma, Virunga National Park and Bukavu in in the east, and the capital Kinshasa in the west. Given that there are still serious security threats in the DRC for tourists, it’s best to visit with a tour company who will know how best to keep you safe.

What is the religion in Congo?

Christianity is the predominant religion in Republic of the Congo.

What is the difference between DR Congo and Congo?

In the Republic of Congo, locals refer to their country as Congo-Brazzaville and, likewise, in the D.R.C. locals call their home Congo-Kinshasa. Don’t worry though, people will always know which country you’re talking about regardless of the name you use, even if said in broken French.

Why is DR Congo so poor?

The Democratic Republic of Congo is potentially one of the richest countries on earth, but colonialism, slavery and corruption have turned it into one of the poorest, writes historian Dan Snow. The world’s bloodiest conflict since World War II is still rumbling on today.

Why is there 2 Congos?

The name Congo stems from the Bakongo, a Bantu tribe that populate the area. The two countries are separated not only by different colonial roots, but by the Congo River (or Zaire River), the second-longest river in Africa.