How do you get the word wheel on Words With Friends?

How do you get the word wheel on Words With Friends?

How do I play the Word Wheel Event?During the Word Wheel Mini-game Event, you can log in to complete 3 Word Wheel levels each day. Drag your finger over the letters in the Wheel to make words!Words will appear above the Wheel as they are spelled.You can only use a single letter on the wheel once.

What are the levels in Words With Friends?

Badges have four levels of difficulty: easy, medium, hard, and impossible. They award 5, 15, 30, and 60 points, respectively.

How do I get my old Words With Friends account back?

If you already linked your account to an email address, you can recover the account by going to “Settings,” then click on “Recover lost account,” and enter the email address you linked to your account.

How do I recover my words with friends?

Account IssuesNew Device? Tap here if you have a new device and need to set a password for an old account.Recover Email. Tap here if you forgot what email address you used to create an account.Reset Password. Tap here if you have forgotten or need to reset your password.Change Account Information.

How do I contact Zynga in Words With Friends?

Thanks for contacting us….How do I contact Customer Support from within the game?On your main screen, tap “Profile”.Your profile window will open next. This will bring you to our “Help and Support” window where you can find different self-help topics depending on the issue you are having.