Do you really make money on word connect?

Do you really make money on word connect?

Real money: you can make real-life cash from playing Word Connect if you have a balance of over $100. The problem is, the more games you play, the less money you make per level and the frequency of earning money per level decreases. If you want to make any cash, expect to play the long game.

Is the game word crush free?

Challenge yourself and your friends with this FREE and highly addictive word scramble game! You’re gonna crush it! Start playing now! Words can be vertical, horizontal, diagonal and even backwards. Swipe letters to find, select and collect words.

How do you get to Wordscapes tournament?

Wordscapes Tournament RulesTo enter the weekly Star Tournament, tap on the “star” icon (labeled with “Tourney” underneath) along the left side of the game’s main screen.After you opt into the weekly tournament, you play Wordscapes the way you normally would.The game will randomly assign you to a group of 100 players.

How many levels are there in Wordscapes 2020?

There are anywhere from 3 to 7 letters in the circle, depending on what level you are on. There are also bonus words, which the player can solve for extra brilliance points, and even coins . The game currently contains 10000 levels, and 14000 extra master levels, once you have completed the first 10000.

How do I spend coins in Wordscapes?

AppGamer Answered: You can spend them during the game if you get stuck and can’t complete a Wordscape. Say for example you just can’t figure out a word in the puzzle, you can spend coins at that point for some help. Tap the lightbulb icon if you need assistance.

What is highest level in Wordscapes?