Where are the posters in Tomb Raider?

Where are the posters in Tomb Raider?

You find the poster in a small room, on the wall. In the upper part of the room, you can get here from the copper mill, or climb up and cling to the edge with the hatchet, with the rope coil on you (you receive it later into the game, but you can always come back here).

How do you go underwater in Rise of the Tomb Raider?

To dive from a ledge into water, simultaneously press Forward and Jump, then just after takeoff press this button to go into a head-first dive. NOTE: If you’re playing with keyboard and mouse, and Lara won’t dive when you use the Right Mouse button, try jumping forward and pressing C instead.

How do you swim faster in Tomb Raider Anniversary?

Lara moves around using the left stick while she’s in the water. To swim as quickly as possible, press / while swimming.

How do you throw the grapple AXE in Tomb Raider?

To throw the grapple axe, press jump immediately followed by interact.

How do you use the ice pick in Tomb Raider?

Make sure to press “X” when jump to an icy wall for your picks to grip them. As Lara reaches the cave entrance, she slips down the icy path. Press the X button to latch on and catch the ledge.

How do you get the climbing AXE in Tomb Raider?

You have to walk the fallen tree and complete a short slide down. A cut-scene will commence, showing her meeting Johan – the Climbing Axe will be automatically added to the inventory.

How do you use the grappling hook in Tomb Raider?

In legend you had to jump towards it and press Q to attach the grapple hook, while in the air. Or when something was in reach you just press Q.

Where is the grappling hook in Tomb Raider Anniversary?

Croft Manor

How do you swing on ropes in shadow of the Tomb Raider?

Just pull the stick down and the rope goes really long. Hold in the trigger again and push forwards/backwards to swing.

How do you complete trial of the spider?

The new portion of the ruins constitutes the Trial of the Spider. Approach the wall with the red silhouette and climb the higher shelf to begin the main climb. You’ll need to use the axe wall and reach the upper level.

Are there spiders in shadow of the Tomb Raider?

In Shadow of the Tomb Raider spiders can be picked up after acquiring a skill “Owl’s Meal” to harvest Dart Poison. The poison can be used to craft hallucinogenic Fear Arrows. In Tomb Raider Reloaded Spiders come in two variations: smaller ones and big ones.

How do you complete the trial of the Eagle?

Take the narrow path, which leads the character to a new climbing wall. Jump towards it and use the axe. Climb the wooden structure, face the ladder, and jump on it. Use the new passage, leading to a mountain camp (Quipo Overlook).

What is the Eagle in shadow of the Tomb Raider?

Eagle Feathers and Condor Feathers are rare crafting materials. You can sell them for a lot of gold. However, they are necessary in crafting some of the outfits for Lara. A very good place to hunt for condors is the wreck of a plane in the Peruvian jungle.