Are Gogos worth anything?

Are Gogos worth anything?

The mega gogos are from the mcdonalds halloween serise and are worth around a dollar each. All the other coomon gogos in images 1-3 are worth around $0.50 U.S.D.

What are the rarest Crazy Bones?

Precious Metal Megatrip Promotions in European Supermakets There was a promotion by C1000, where if you manage to find a Gold Suti, you win a limousine ride, and get over 2,000 packs of Gogo's for your school. It is one of the rarest Crazy Bones, since there was only ever 425 of them made.

What year did Crazy Bones come out?

1996pieces that are sought after by collectors and are sold on numerous websites for many times their original value. Crazy Bones was launched in the United States by Peter Gantner after witnessing the success of Barcelona-based GoGos in Spain, which had sold over 350 million packs from its inception in 1996 to 1997.

How do you play Gogo Crazy Bones?

Each player lines up five Crazy Bones about 6 inches apart. Throw the first Crazy Bone up in the air and while it is still in the air try to pick up a second Crazy Bone and catch the first one in the same hand before it falls. When the first player makes a mistake, it is the second player's turn.