How do you kill the deer in the last of us?

How do you kill the deer in the last of us?

The Last of Us Complete Walkthrough and Guide As soon as you can move, look to your left and try to spot the deer. If you have the shot, use your Bow to put an arrow through its body. It really doesn’t matter where you shoot it, the deer is only wounded and will run away.

How do you kill the Humvee in the last of us?

Move on down the alley until you hear some voices and the humvee. Get into stealth mode and slowly make your way down the alley until you pass the building. There’s a Hunter on the side of the building, so stealth kill him.

How do I get past the military truck in the last of us?

How to Get Past the Humvee

  1. Use the surroundings to take cover from the Humvee.
  2. Watch out for its turret, if it is not directed towards you.
  3. It is better to remain hidden and taking out the Hunters for you to not alert them.
  4. After getting discovered, run towards the alley through the open door and head upstairs.

How do I run faster in the last of us ps4?


  1. He’s getting up there in years, so….
  2. Press the L2 Button xD.
  3. Use L2 to enable while pushing joystick to sprint/run, I did have a couple issues with that occasionally, releasing then repressing the L2 would get him running again.

How do you kill the tank in The Last of Us?

1-2 (can’t remember) are located in the upper right quadrant where the tank rolled in from hiding behind the wall. The 3rd is directly to the left of the group and hides behind a tree. Kill them and then the tank will open the top hatch every few seconds to toss a molotov. Shoot him and then watch the fun….

Can you destroy the truck last of us?

No, it cannot be taken down.

How do you jump in the last of US 1?

User Info: Billysan. You mean jumping across the few small gaps in that section. Just hit X right at a ledge when running.

How do you run faster in the last of us 2?

To run, all you have to do is press and hold L1. Be aware that it’s contextual, however. During certain scenes you might now be able to run at all, and in others your character might simply jog. In the heat of combat, however, your character will run like their life depends on it.

Does health regenerate in the last of us?

As with in singleplayer, players can replenish health through using health kits which spawn at various locations throughout the map and can also be crafted. Injured players may sometimes find food in lootboxes, which can also be consumed to regenerate health, if they retain over fifty percent of their health.