Why did Godfrey poison Eleanor?

Why did Godfrey poison Eleanor?

Eleanor. During Eleanor’s time, Godfrey opposed many of her reforms. She wanted to redistribute noble tithes to the people and she had dreams of alliances with other kingdoms. At the end of The Royal Heir, Book 1, it is discovered that Godfrey caused Eleanor’s death by gifting her a poisoned goblet which she drank from …

Does Cordonia exist?

Cordonia is a fictional European country in the Choices universe. It is seen in the Rules of Engagement, The Royal Romance, The Royal Heir, and The Royal Masquerade series.

Will there be Royal Romance Book 4?

Wiki Targeted (Games) The Royal Finale is the fourth and final book of The Royal Heir series. It is alternatively called The Royal Heir, Book 4. It is also the seventh and final book of the entire The Royal Romance series that started on April 13, 2017.

Who set you up in royal romance?

Fandom may earn an affiliate commission on sales made from links on this page. It is revealed in The Royal Romance, Book 2, Chapter 8, that he is one of the people involved in the plot against you and that he coerced Penelope into setting you up.

Will there be a elementalists Book 3?

For now, the main series of The Elementalists is over. The team is taking a break from Penderghast and working on a new (and pretty kickass, IMO) book that we think you’ll love. The It Lives team is currently working on other projects, so whether it gets a Book 3 is still up in the air.

What is pick a path?

Pick-A-Path (Choose Your Own Adventure) Stories They can easily make their own and share them with others. They can even collaborate on a story with others.

How do you write a good interactive story?

Here are 8 easy planning tips for writing your first interactive novel.

  1. Pick a cool setting.
  2. Create a main character with a goal, but without too many details.
  3. Limit characters.
  4. You may not need or want a villain.
  5. Include a handful of helping items.
  6. Plant treasures.
  7. Plant clues.
  8. Establish several endings.

What matters in an interactive story writing?

To make an interactive story happen you need a script, storyboards and maybe a film shoot or some animation. But you also need interface design, solid UX, reliable hosting, and of course some way for people to find it once done. Writing an interactive story is complicated because you have so many options.