Ways to Increase Productivity When Working Remotely

Working from home was once a pipe dream for many people and by years ago, we mean back when there was no internet. Previously, full-time tutors or businesspeople were the only ones who could work from home. Now, many people have chosen to escape the 8 to 5 line and decided to build their careers in the comforts of their homes. Thanks to the internet and the unlimited online jobs available now.

Sean Martin D. Plantado, head of Digido.ph Customer Care notes that even major tech companies such as Twitter, Facebook or Square have said they are willing to allow their employees to work from home in the Philippines indefinitely, even after opening offices. Martin is also financial consultant of Digido, which suggests loans for bad credit philippines.

Nevertheless, it can be as uncomfortable and unproductive when you are within the comforts of your home. There are many temptations around the house like just lounging in your house clothes sipping tea while watching the television. Sticking to an effective work schedule and being productive at home takes a lot of discipline. Moreover, there can be a lack of energy in the absence of teammates motivating and aiding you. It is easy to be lazy due to unaccountability. Here are some tips which can help you increase productivity while working online.

Create your remote workspace

Whether you work from home or while traveling, you should designate a workspace where you know there will be fewer distractions and where you can focus for long periods of time. Separate yourself from the rest of the family. Choose a room in the house as your office. This way, you can work undisturbed whenever you want and get your work done.

Work smartly rather than hard

Prioritize the most important tasks. List them and finish at least one before the end of the day. It is best to set a deadline for when you must complete them in order to avoid working beyond the scheduled number of hours. This will also help you focus on the task at hand and doing less meaningless work.

 Create a routine

Once you have devised a system for working smarter, the next step is to establish a routine and a habit so that starting the day does not feel like a chore in the coming workdays. Start building momentum by sticking to your daily plans, such as working out at 7 a.m., taking a shower, finishing the first most important task before 12 noon, taking an hour for lunch and coffee, powering through the second most important task until 4 p.m., finishing the rest of your tasks before 6 p.m., and sleeping by 11 p.m.

Your work and sleep schedule may vary depending on your work hours and body clock. Just bear in mind that enough rest and sleep have an effect on your productivity. An unfailing routine will train your body and brain to get to work. To become accustomed to a routine, you must first achieve small victories that make you feel good. These rewards will then establish the habits necessary for you to develop your own routine.

Follow through with your routine

There will always be days when it is hard to follow your routine. You can experience no or slow signal in your internet provider or your family needs your attention. Just make sure to know the difference between valid reasons and excuses. Take control of the things you can and revert back to your routine.

Set a time limit

Working remotely has the disadvantage of not knowing when to stop. This can lead to overworking and not getting enough sleep. The next day you will be feeling tired and sleepy and this is where you will easily lose your momentum. You will end up not maximizing your productivity.

It is crucial to know when to stop working. Set your own work cut-off time unless you have urgent deadlines to meet.  Always prioritize sleep to rest and recharge as this will allow you to continue the same level of energy and productivity throughout your work schedule. The cost of success does not mean you being overworked and burned out.

Sleeping is one of the important tasks

You simply need to conduct your own research, establish a nightly wind-down routine, and witness for yourself how getting enough sleep improves not only your productivity but also your overall health. Many successful people and experts have already asserted the importance of sleep. It might not be that easy. Sometimes you have to make drastic lifestyle changes, such as giving up your afternoon coffee or energy drink habit or starting to exercise.