Is Hunter J dead?

Is Hunter J dead?

matt0044. In DP151: The Needs of Three, Hunter J’s ship was struck down by Uxie and Mesprit’s Future Sight attack. It crashed into the whirlpool and sunk into the lake before exploding. This scene seemed tacked on by the writers to write off Hunter J and to show that death does happen in the Pokemon world.

Did Cyrus die in the Pokemon anime?

Cyrus is never mentioned again, So now the Question is what is Cyrus’s status, We already know that in the Pokémon Anime universe, Cyrus is killed by Dialga and Palkia, But what about the Game Universe it is Possible that Cyrus died in the Distortion World or is still living, It is said the When you enter Black Hole’s …

Do you need waterfall to get giratina?

On your first trip, you definitely need Rock Smash, Rock Climb, and Strength. When you go back for the Adamant and Lustrous Orbs, you’ll need Waterfall.

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How do you get giratina distortion?


  1. After you get the National Dex, go to Turnback Cave (cave entrance where you first left the Distortion World).
  2. Where u exited with Cynthia from Disortion World hope these answers help :]
  3. If you caught Giratina or KO it, you can get him at sendoff springs.
  4. get Grisous Orb after beating E4(elite 4)

Where do I go after catching giratina?

Go to Sunyshore City and take on the gym leader. Then you’ll be able to fight the Elite 4.

Is giratina shiny locked in platinum?

Starting in Pokemon Black and White, the developers started instituting locks where Pokemon could be caught in the wild, but prevented from being shiny. Because shiny locks didn’t exist until Gen 5, it is entirely possible to receive a shiny Giratina, whether you’re playing Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum.

What are the odds of getting a shiny giratina?

around 1:20

Can you soft reset for shiny giratina in platinum?

That would save me alot of trouble, and all I’d have to do is keeping to press A until I start battling it and then do R+L+Start+Select to soft-reset.