When did Pokemon come out in the US?

When did Pokemon come out in the US?

1998The series, originally produced for the company's Game Boy line of handheld consoles, was introduced in 1998 to the United States with two titles, known to fans as Red and Blue. In the games, players assume the role of Pokémon trainers, obtaining cartoon monsters and developing them to battle other Pokémon.

Are old Pokemon cards worth anything?

Most cards in recent sets aren't worth more than $1, and even the rare ones often aren't worth more than $10. Base set cards can be surprisingly valuable, and if you're lucky enough to have a first edition holographic card, you could be set up for a pretty penny.

What is the rarest Pokemon card?

Pikachu Illustrator"Pikachu Illustrator" is considered the rarest Pokémon trading card in existence, and only 39 were produced back in 1998. The card features artwork by Pikachu's creator Atsuko Nishida, and was only given away to the winners of an illustration contest.

When were Pokemon cards most popular?

1990’sPokemon Cards- The Beginning The late 1990's saw the emergence of a phenomenon that was never seen before. Pokemon, short for Pocket Monsters, took over the airwaves and were at the moment the most iconic animated series on television.

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