What is the size of a Pokemon card?

What is the size of a Pokemon card?

Pokemon cards are exactly 6.3 cm by 8.8 cm. This is roughly 2.48 inches by 3.46 inches.

Are Pokemon cards standard size?

Yes, both Magic: the Gathering cards and Pokemon cards measure in at 6.3 by 8.8 cm (2.5 by 3.5 inches). This is also the standard for trading cards including baseball cards, but there are exceptions. These exceptions include YuGiOh and Cardfight Vanguard cards, which are sized at 6.05 by 8.75 cm.

What Pokemon has the highest HP?


Is Shuckle the worst Pokemon?

Shuckle is a Pokemon that is a case of ‘min-max. It has the lowest base HP, attack, special attack, and speed, but it has the highest defense and special defense. Shuckle learns some really good moves while leveling but due to its poor Attack stats, it’s very difficult to put them to good use.

Who is the fastest flying Pokemon?


How much HP does a Level 100 blissey have?

Blissey’s HP maxes out at 714, when it’s level 100 and has 31 HP IVs and 252 HP EVs.

Is blissey better than chansey?

In Pokemon Showdown, chansey is and will always be hire than Blissey. The stats with the eviolite are higher because they’re multiplied by 1.5. Making blissey able to eat up non super effective hits like an egg. And any special attack does not penetrate this mon.

Is there a mega blissey?

Pokemon 8242 Mega Blissey Pokedex: Evolution, Moves, Location, Stats.

Why does blissey have so much HP?

It’s purely conceptual with Blissey – she is a healthcare Pokémon, so naturally she has outrageous HP because that is her trademark. Wobbuffet has a lot because he is a punching bag. Wailord has a lot because he is a WHALE, and Drifblim and Gastrodon are just bulky overall.

Why is blissey so good?

Here’s why Blissey is so good: it has a hell of a lot of health. It’s the same case here: Blissey can be stationed at a gym, and the timer is more likely to run out before your enemy can knock it down. Blissey also has an incredible stamina stat, and high CP potential.

What Pokemon is blissey weak against?


What Pokemon evolves into blissey?

Blissey (Japanese: ハピナス Happinas) is a Normal-type Pokémon introduced in Generation II. It evolves from Chansey when leveled up with high friendship. It is the final form of Happiny.

Can blissey use lucky punch?

No, it only works for chansey. PM me if you need any help with in-game or competitive movesets, 1st to 4th Generation.

Can chansey evolve?

Is blissey a good Pokemon?

Rating. Blissey is the BEST gym defender in the current metagame by far. It’s only weak to fighting type moves but its best defensive moveset deals super effective damage to them. With a massive 510 Base Stamina stat and an incredible bulk, Blissey is by far the strongest tank to leave in a Gym.