What is the highest damage a Pokemon card can do?

What is the highest damage a Pokemon card can do?

Crimson Dive does a devastating 300 damage, enough to topple the most sturdy Pokmon. Crimson Dive does come with a hefty Energy cost, and it does 50 damage to Mega Charizard-EX, but with 220 HP to start with, this Pokmon can take damage nearly as well as it can dish it out.

Which Pokemon card has the highest attack?

The 10 Most Powerful Pokmon Cards, Ranked10 Mega Tyranitar.9 Mega Rayquaza.8 Shiny Mew.7 Mega Blastoise.6 Armaldo.5 Mega Gengar.4 Charizard (G) Level X.3 Rayquaza C Level X.

What is the best fire type Pokemon card?

Let’s take a look at the 10 strongest Fire-type cards ever.1 Reshiram and Charizard GX. This is openly known to be the best Charizard card made to date, and it’s easy to see why.2 Volcanion EX. 3 Flareon EX. 4 Charizard EX. 5 Arcanine. 6 Charizard G Lv. 7 Ho-Oh. 8 Blaziken.

Can you attack if you go first in Pokemon TCG?

Unless you have a card that explicitly says you can break these rules (and there are a few): The first player to move cannot attack first turn. The second player can.