Is synthesis a good Pokemon move?

Is synthesis a good Pokemon move?

Synthesis may seem like a good idea but if rain or sand comes in it’s useless. It’s much safer to just use Giga so you can heal despite the weather.

Is Giga Drain better than leech seed?

re: Leech Seed vs Giga Drain Leech Seed is better over a long period of time. Giga Drain is better if you know you can win easily.

Is Giga Drain or synthesis better?

Synthesis is a guaranteed recovery, and in pretty much all situations will heal more than giga drain. You’ll be doing most damage from burn and leech seed, better have guaranteed recovery.

Is leech seed a good move?

Leech Seed is one of the best support moves in the game. It is almost always found on any defensive Grass-type that learns it, and can be used just as well by offensive Pokemon. This gives your Pokemon an immediate advantage, which can be passed to other team members for recovery support, similar to Wish passing.

Does Leech Seed wear off?

In the Fifth Generation of Pokemon The move Leech Seed Will last for an infinite amount of time, Unless your opponent Faints, Switches, or Uses a Move like Rapid Spin to get rid of it.

How much HP does leech seed take?

Leech Seed plants a seed on the target that drains 1⁄8 of its maximum HP at the end of each turn and restores it to the user, or any Pokémon that takes its place.

Why does leech seed always miss?

The move Leech Seed sets a volatile status on the opponent Pokemon, draining its HP. For some odd reason, even with a foe that is under the influence of Attract, it seems like Leech Seed will never fail. The opponent is never immobilized by infatuation. No other move does this.

Is Razor Leaf a good move?

What they fail to take into account is that Razor Leaf has a high critical hit rate in many of the games, meaning that it’s a good one to have. When a battle is coming down to those last few moves and it’s not clear who’s going to win, a critical hit will make all the difference.

Can you leech seed a Dynamax Pokemon?

User Info: ItsRainingGravy. You would have better success using Attract (when their barrier is down) instead of Leech Seed, as Dynamax/Gigantamax Pokemon also can’t get rid of it unless they faint the user.