How many energy cards should be in a Pokemon deck?

How many energy cards should be in a Pokemon deck?

Once you choose your Pokémon, you can figure out how many Trainer and Energy cards to play. A typical deck with Evolutions will have 16–20 Pokémon, leaving room for about 30 Trainers and 12 Energy.

How many of each card can you have in a Pokemon deck?

In the official Pokemon Trading Card Game Rules, it is stated that only four copies of a single Pokemon is allowed within a deck, and that also applies for special energy and trainer cards. However, Basic energy is unlimited within a deck, up to 59 ( because there must be at least one Pokemon in a deck.

What cards should be in a Pokemon deck?

Most decks rely on attacking the opponent to win, and cards that increase damage like Muscle Band and Hypnotoxic Laser are very helpful. A good deck will have around 20 Pokémon, 20 Trainers, and 20 energy. If you want to use more than two types of Pokémon, use Pokémon that require colorless energy for attacks.

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