Where do you enter Mcdonalds Monopoly codes?

Where do you enter Mcdonalds Monopoly codes?

Once you’ve registered your win on the Monopoly app you’ll receive a Prize Redemption Code. Use your Prize Redemption Code on this website, enter your name and email and then choose your preferred venue.

What items do you get Mcdonalds Monopoly?

Instant Win Food PrizesPrizeWinning Message on App/TicketBacon & Egg or Sausage & Egg McMuffinB&E MCMUFFIN OR S&E MCMUFFINCheeseburger or Sausage McMuffinCHEESEBURGER OR SAUSAGE MCMUFFINSmall Sundae or Apple PieSML SUNDAE OR APPLE PIESmall McCafe Coffee/Tea or Soft DrinkSML MCCAFE COFFEE/TEA OR SOFT DRINK4

Who was the McDonald’s informant?

Brennan: I have to say, I was delighted that “McMillions” held one last bombshell in reserve for the finale: the assertion that Ma Colombo, Jerry Colombo’s mother, was the confidential informant whose tip to the FBI broke the case wide open — and that she did it in the battle over her grandson, not the McDonald’s …