Where are the flowers in Epic Mickey?

Where are the flowers in Epic Mickey?

One flower is under Clarabelle’s lawn, thin it out and jump down to find the flower. Second one is in a secret cave behind Clarabelle’s house, just thin the wall hiding it. Third is found left of the Gag Factory, along the wall in a hidden cave, thin out the wall.

Where are Daisy’s parts in Epic Mickey?

Find Daisy’s Parts is a quest in Epic Mickey, found in Ventureland. The parts can either be found in chests scattered around the Pirates of the Wasteland world or purchased from the Tiki Hut for 1,000 E-Tickets each after returning from Skull Island.

How do you get gear in Epic Mickey 2?

Spin the Statue Once Daisy has the clothing, she puts it on the statue near where Smee is standing. Give the statue a spin to move it forward on the track and draw Smee’s attention. Smee will then give Mickey the gear.

Where are the jungle symbols in Epic Mickey?

Symbol locations Climb on top of the tiki heads and jump on the tree to the right, then to the piece of land. Thin the mossy rock near the bushes to reveal the symbol. Towards the back at the base of Hangman’s Tree (the large tree surrounded by Spladooshes), there is a mossy rock. Thin it out to reveal the symbol.

How do you get the compass in Epic Mickey 2?

In Epic Mickey, Mickey can either get the compass from him by getting his “treasure” from the treehouse or buying the compass directly from Pat. In Epic Mickey 2, Pat’s compass is wanted by Barnacle Jones. Mickey can either thin Pat out or take a picture of him holding the compass to collect it.

How do you open the tiki head in Epic Mickey 2?

To complete through the paint path, Mickey will have to talk to Damien Salt, then get the Giant Pearl, climb to the roof of Daisy’s house up to a tiki head, and place the Giant Pearl. After placing the Pearl, paint the 3 mirrors around Ventureland for the tiki head to open it.

How do you defeat the robot pirate in jungle Epic Mickey?

To defeat a Basher, it is best to use Thinner to erase their armor. It will then spin to attack Mickey, exposing its weak point at the front, where it is vulnerable to a spin attack from Mickey. Alternatively, it is possible to sneak up behind one and land a hit on its weak point before it can paint its armor in.

What happened to Goofy in Epic Mickey?

Goofy is one of Mickey’s best friends. He makes his first appearance in the series in Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion, where he has been sucked into Wasteland by Mizrabel. He is trapped in her Castle of Illusion, where Mickey will need to save him from losing his life force.

How do you get to blot alley in Epic Mickey 2?

Ring the doorbell at Club 13 to discover Petetronic is the club’s bouncer. He explains that the way to Prescott is through the train tunnels, which he’ll need to help open. This requires fixing the generator, which requires scrap metal. It appears he’ll take whatever amount Mickey has on hand though.

How do you get Clarabelle to be Horace’s assistant?

To have Clarabelle as Horace’s assistant, you need to get Jones’s compass from Scurvy Pat by taking a picture of him holding the compass. (Do NOT thin him. Thining him will force you to quit the mission). Then acquire the compass from Pat, then give it to Horace.