What does McMurphy try to teach the Acutes?

What does McMurphy try to teach the Acutes?

McMurphy bets them that he can lift the cement control panel in the tub room and use it to break through the reinforced windows. Bromden observes the hands go up as McMurphy drags all twenty Acutes out of the fog.

What does Billy try to explain to McMurphy after the meeting?

So Big Nurse continues on with the group meeting. After the meeting, McMurphy’s so mad that he refuses to say a word to anybody. Billy Bibbit that tries to explain to McMurphy that some of the men have been in the ward for five years, and most of them will still be there when McMurphy leaves.

How does McMurphy help the patients?

McMurphy plays an essential part in helping the patients attain independence, the ability to co-exist with others, realize their weaknesses, and live amongst others in society. McMurphy’s attitude is essential in overpowering Nurse Ratched, because his laughter and humor help the patients bond with each other.

What bet does McMurphy make with the other inmates?

McMurphy makes a bet that he can make Ratched lose her temper within a week. At first, the confrontations between Ratched and McMurphy provide entertainment for the other patients.

Who killed McMurphy?

In the novel’s climax, McMurphy sneaks two prostitutes into the ward to take Billy’s virginity, while he and the others throw a party. Ratched catches them and threatens to tell Billy’s mother—the only woman he fears more than her—which terrifies him so much that he commits suicide by slitting his throat.

Why did McMurphy not escape?

McMurphy`s decision not to leave at the end of the party. I think McMurphy did not leave at the end of the party because he was loyal to his followers and knew if he left that the ward would go back to what it used to be. McMurphy stays and shows that he is in control of the ward not Miss. Ratched.

Why was McMurphy shock therapy?

McMurphy and Chief get into a fight with the orderlies in order to protect Rub-a-Dub George. They’re sent to the Disturbed Ward where they undergo electroshock therapy. McMurphy becomes a small legend because he refuses to admit he was wrong, even though it means perpetual punishment with electroshock therapy.

Why did McMurphy break the glass?

Ratched thinks that she has regained control, but, after the meeting, McMurphy calmly walks to the glass-enclosed Nurses’ Station where she is sitting. He says that he wants some of his cigarettes and punches his hand through the glass. He claims that the glass was so spotless that he forgot it was even there.

How does McMurphy plan to escape?

Privately, however, he confesses to the Chief that he cannot take any more and plans to escape. McMurphy bribes the night orderly so he can bring his girlfriend, Candy, her friend Rose, and some alcohol into the ward for a party. Instead, McMurphy arranges for Billy to have sex with Candy, delaying his own escape.

How does McMurphy avoid the combine?

What has helped McMurphy avoid the Combine and its various forces shaping him and moulding him, therefore, is the simple act of being completely who he says and the person that he presents himself as being.

What does Nurse Ratched call McMurphy?

Ratched has hung a “plaque of cooperation” in her ward, suggesting that her patients’ zombie-like placidity is worthy of a reward. She repeatedly misstates McMurphy’s name, calling him “McMurry,” as if to imply that names and other markers of individuality are unimportant and negligible.

How does Nurse Ratched know Edmund?

The two share a tender moment, though they don’t explicitly say how they know each other. It’s eventually revealed, however, that Edmund is the adoptive brother of Nurse Ratched. After Edmund’s biological mother is sexually assaulted by a priest, she becomes a sex worker, which leads to her death.