What do you call the game pieces in Monopoly?

What do you call the game pieces in Monopoly?

Tokens are the playing pieces used in the Monopoly board game. They differ depending on the edition and the year of release of an edition. Standard editions, however different they are, usually use pewter tokens.

What can I use for board game pieces?

Let’s start off with a classic.Pawns The Classic Board Game Piece. Meeples Most Popular Board Game Piece for Representing Characters. Counting Cubes Great Game Pieces Used for Remembering Things in Large Quantities. Transparent Color Counting Chips A Terrific Alternative to Keeping Track of Player Stats.

What items at Mcdonald’s have the monopoly pieces on it?

The exception is the 20-piece McNuggets which come with 2 Game Pieces (4 Game Stamps).Medium and large hot McCaf beverages. Extra large hot McCaf beverages. Medium and large Fountain Drinks.Medium and large Triple Thick Milkshake.Big Mac sandwich.Double Big Mac sandwich.Quarter Pounder sandwich.