What are the official rules of checkers?

What are the official rules of checkers?

The opponent with the darker pieces moves first. Pieces may only move one diagonal space forward (towards their opponents pieces) in the beginning of the game. Pieces must stay on the dark squares. To capture an opposing piece, “jump” over it by moving two diagonal spaces in the direction of the the opposing piece.

Can you do multiple jumps in Checkers?

You can make a multiple jump, with one piece only, by jumping to empty square to empty square. You can only jump one piece, with any given jump. But you can jump several pieces, with a move of several jumps.

What are checker pieces called?

The game pieces in checkers — which you can also call checkers — are usually red and black. Players move diagonally on the board, trying to reach the opposite side where their pieces can be “kinged,” or doubled, giving them more powers. On the way, a player attempts to jump over her opponent’s pieces and capture them.