Is McDonalds Monopoly coming back 2020?

Is McDonalds Monopoly coming back 2020?

HELL YES. McDonald’s has finally revealed the start date for one of the best times of the year – McDonald’s Monopoly. The classic game will return on March 25th, in just three weeks time. It will last 41 days from then and see fast food fans collect the iconic Monopoly properties.

How do you claim Mcdonalds Monopoly prize?

How do I claim my Free Day Out prize? Once you’ve registered your win on the Monopoly app you’ll receive a Prize Redemption Code. Use your Prize Redemption Code on this website, enter your name and email and then choose your preferred venue.

How do I redeem Mcdonalds Monopoly Instant Win?

If you were lucky and scored an instant win food prize, simply redeem your winning ticket at any McDonald’s restaurant. For an instant win non-food prize, redeem on the app or enter your code here.

What items at Mcdonalds have Monopoly pieces?

One (1) Game Piece is affixed to the following specially-marked food items: medium and large hot McCafé® beverages (Premium Roast Brewed Coffee, Tea, Mocha, Latte, Cappuccino, Americano and Deluxe Hot Chocolate); extra large hot McCafé® beverages (Premium Roast Brewed Coffee or Tea only); medium and large Fountain …