Is Fe shadow dragon hard?

Is Fe shadow dragon hard?

Difficulty levels in Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon are a touchy subject. It’s well known that it’s one of the hardest Fire Emblem games. One particular difficulty level has earned a reputation as one of the hardest challenges in all of Fire Emblem, never mind just Shadow Dragon.

How do you recruit Maria Shadow Dragon?

Maria: Talk to Maria using Marth and she will join your team. Lena is much better than Maria, but you do need her to get Minerva, so recruit her for that and don’t bother giving her experience points. Minerva: After rescuing Maria, use Marth to talk to Minerva and she will join your team.

Is Astram good shadow dragon?

Astram’s Growth Rates are also pretty good by Shadow Dragon & the Blade of Light standards excelling in HP, Strength, Skill, Weapon Level, and Luck. Overall, he’s a great unit to train if none of the other mercenaries (Ogma, Navarre, Caesar, and Radd) have tickled your fancy.

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Is Castor Good Fire Emblem?

Overall. Castor is an excellent unit in both Book 1 and 2. Castor’s biggest shortcoming from original Fire Emblem – that being Castor is unable to promote – has been rectified and he is able to promote into a Horseman now, allowing him to gain more stats and enabling enhanced mobility in outdoor maps.

Can you recruit Wendell?

He appears as an enemy in Chapter 5, and is recruited by Merric or Marth.

Who can Caeda recruit?

She is playable in chapter one and is one of the few characters able to recruit other characters in the game and is necessary to recruit Navarre in chapter 3 and Roger in chapter 8.

How do I recruit Rickards?

Rickard is the final thief you can recruit in the game in chapter 6 either by talking to him with Julian or Marth. If you talk to him with Julian it reveals that the two of them have worked together before and that Rickard joins your army on Julian’s orders who claims to have joined to serve the forces of justice.

How do you recruit Tiki Shadow Dragon?

Tiki is a Manekete that is the boss of chapter 19. She is an ally that will come in handy going up against other Maneketes because her weapon the Divinestone is super effective against them. You must have Bantu alive in order to recruit her as she is under the spell of Gharnef and Bantu frees her from it.

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What race is Tiki?

Artwork of Tiki from Shadow Dragon….Page actions.

Gender Female
Race Manakete (divine dragon) Mirage*
Age 3,000+ (in Awakening)
Birthday February 28th
Height 110 cm (3’7″) (Tokyo Mirage Sessions ♯FE)