How much money do you start with in the board game Monopoly?

How much money do you start with in the board game Monopoly?

Each player is given $1500 divided as follows: 2 each of $500’s, $100’s and $50’s; 6 $20’s; 5 each of $10’s, $5’s and $1’s. All remaining money and other equipment go to the Bank.

What are the fortune cards for in Monopoly Millionaire?

If you land on a property space with a fortune card, you take that card and follow the instructions on the card. If it says you can use it later, then you may keep it for later, otherwise it must be used now. You also must either purchase the property you landed on or allow it to go to auction.

How do you win the Monopoly millionaire deal?

Build up property sets, gather piles of money and keep wheeling and dealing to make that million! Win the MONOPOLY Millionaire Deal card game by making a million dollars! Earn and swap properties and charge other players rent! Steal properties or sets of properties from other players when you get the right Action card!

How many players are allowed in Monopoly?

eight players

Can you play Monopoly with 3 players?

Monopoly can be played with as few as 2 people up to 8 players at most. Each number of players brings its own advantages and drawbacks so it is important to know them before you decide on how many people are going to play. Do not let this deter you though if you only have two available players.