How does the Albertsons Monopoly game work?

How does the Albertsons Monopoly game work?

Each ticket represents a space on a Monopoly board, and if you collect all the tickets in any given group, you earn a prize, ranging from $5.00 to $1 million. Millions of tickets are also instant winners, offering everything from free products, to gift cards, to cash.

How do you get tokens for Shop Play win?

Digital token sweepstakes Simply scan the digital code inside the game ticket (see the photo above) with the app and collect tokens. The number of tokens you win per game ticket will vary from 1 to some higher amount. The app will tell you how many you’ve won each time.

What Mcdonalds meal gets the most Monopoly stickers?

So, if you’re feeling lucky (and hungry), it would make sense to grab a signature burger meal (three stickers on the burger, three on the drink and two on the fries), with a McFlurry on the side (another two stickers). And there you have it, 10 stickers in just one delicious meal.