Has anyone won the shop Play Win Monopoly?

Has anyone won the shop Play Win Monopoly?

The first $1 million cash prize winner of the MONOPOLY Shop, Play, Win! game was in Idaho Falls, Idaho earlier this year. By shopping at her local Safeway store, the eventual winner collected and entered a number of online codes to win this prize, the statement said.

Has anyone won the Million Dollar Monopoly prize?

But last year, for the second year in a row and the third time in the game’s history, a player successfully collected the grand prize-winning tickets during regular game play. Kristen Andersen of South Burlington, Vermont claimed her million dollars at her local Shaw’s.

What are the odds of winning Monopoly?


Can a 4 year old play Monopoly?

“It’s why it’s so much fun to play with them.” Fun, yes, but this is how a game of Monopoly can also spiral out of control. Yet psychologists seem to agree that flat out throwing a game to a child over the age of 4 is a bad idea.