Can Godzilla beat Optimus Prime?

Can Godzilla beat Optimus Prime?

Look, Optimus Prime is awesome, but Godzilla is larger, stronger, and more durable. The heaviest human weaponry can’t kill most incarnations of Godzilla, while it can damage Optimus. Indeed, Optimus Prime has died far more often than Godzilla (death count: 3).

Who would win in a fight between Goku and BEN 10?

In conclusion: Goku can easily beat OS. AF Ben fairs a better chance, due to his quick switch ability and better aliens, and could result in a win for him if he’s able to convince Alien X to destroy Goku, if not its a stalemate since Goku can’t defeat Alien X as he’s physically invincible.

How tall is Optimus Prime feet?

Despite no longer being a member, he maintains his military ranking of “Prime”. The scale chart released for the series indicates Optimus Prime stands about 22 feet tall.

Who would win Optimus Prime vs Hulk?

Hulk wins absolutely. He will trash Optimus Prime like the Hulk buster suit created by Iron Man .

Can humungousaur defeat Hulk?

Ultimate Humungousaur has super strength, super durability an’ can transform his hands into missile launchers. He’s probably somewhere in between the 100-200 tonner-zone. I think Ultimate Humungousaur can win. But Humungousaur does not stand a chance against Hulk.

Who would win ultimate humungousaur or Hulk?

Ultimate Humungousaur is easily superior from this point of view, as he is more than double the size of hulk(hulk is 8 feet, ul. Humungousaur is 20 feet). Unless hulk has like a HUGE size to strength ratio difference with ultimate humungousaur, this would be an advantage for ultimate humungousaur.

Who is going to win Goku vs Ben 10?

DRAGON BALL SUPER VS BEN 10! Alien Collector battles against the strongest Alien of Anime in a battle to the death, Who wins and who dies? Will Goku get his first win on Death Battle, Or will he fall to the might of Alien X?

Who is better kami Tenchi or Goku?

As it turns out, Tenchi was the creator of his own entire universe. And against someone who can create and destroy universes at a thought, Goku pales in comparison. So Kami Tenchi wins with little to no effort. 5.

What was the Omnitrix in Goku vs Ben 10?

Boomstick: Well Ben did and well…something fell out of those stars and landed right on his feet. Wiz: This Mysterious Object changed his Summer and his life when it stuck itself upon his Wrist and with secrets that it hid, This strange device was called The Omnitrix! Boomstick: Wait really a Watch? How is that any good?

Who is too powerful for Goku to beat?

From the anime The Misfit of Demon King Academy, we have the Demon King himself. Anos is simply too powerful for Goku to rival. True, if he lets Goku play around a little, it’ll probably make a more interesting fight. But one has to remember, Anos is basically immortal.