Why is hay day so addictive?

Why is hay day so addictive?

In HayDay, the process in the game is all about how often and how much you play. But if you choose not to play, your strawberries won’t get rotten, like they did back in Farmville. Thus, you can play as much as you want and you won’t get punished if one day you decide to take a break.

What should I spend diamonds on in hay day?

The only 2 ways to best spend diamonds are:

  1. Adding slots to your machines. Adding bins to your Roadside Shop. All other uses for diamonds are temporary and provide no lasting value.
  2. Adding slots to your machines. Adding bins to your Roadside Shop. All other uses for diamonds are temporary and provide no lasting value.
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What should I spend my diamonds on Hades?

You can also spend one diamond to buy a Fishing Rod — this lets you fish in various pools of water in Hades’ levels with a very low chance of obtaining some rare rewards. Primary usage: Upgrades your Infernal Arms (weaponry) or unlocks additional weapon aspects that completely change their attack animations.

How do you hack diamonds on hay day?

Hay Day Diamonds Hack Cheat : How to get unlimited diamonds 2021

  3. Select the number of DIAMONDS to generate a max of 450,000.
  4. Press button generate to claim money.

How do you spend coins on hay day?

Spend coins on equipment. Spend diamonds on Tom, Rose, Ernest, speeding up boats, and speeding up trains. Spend vouchers on pets. I love it when I can combine a really juicy event with a few derby tasks.

How do I get more vouchers on hay day?

Players can obtain vouchers by:

  1. filling truck orders for metal bars and refined coal.
  2. filling truck orders for jewelry.
  3. completing boat shipments.
  4. letting town visitors view your sanctuary.
  5. finding them in mystery boxes (random)
  6. spinning the Wheel of Fortune (random)
  7. winning horseshoe rewards in derbies (random)

Where is the Valley shop in Hayday?

The valley shop is where you can purchase items with tokens. It can be found by tapping the button on top next to token number in valley. The shop has two stores: the normal store and the seasonal store.

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How often is Valley season in hay day?

Valley Seasons At most 1 of them is currently active. Each season lasts for 3 weeks and the type will be changed in the next season, which means if chicken valley season is currently active, the next one will be sanctuary animals season.

How often does the mailman come in hay day?

Letters. Players get thank-you letters when they have helped other players. Alfred, the postman, comes everyday at 12:00 AM UTC to deliver the mail. Players can tap on the mailbox to read their letters and collect the gift cards that may be enclosed in the letters.

What is a sanctuary animal on hay day?

The sanctuary. The wildlife sanctuary or simply sanctuary is a game area which mainly lets players collect experience points when feeding sanctuary animals in the town. It’s similar to feeding pets in the farm. It is unlocked at reputation level 3 and is located on the far right of the town.

What is reputation level in hay day?

level 34